The Castle Courtyard

Perfect for outdoor living

The Castle Courtyard is probably the second most popular area after the Grand Hall.

Perfect for outdoor living. Lots of quirky features also make this popular with visitors.

6.5 metres by 6.5 metres. 

Fully covered with excellent views of the surrounding plains.

The white structure on the right is The Sleepout.

Leading towards the Castle entrance through the archway.

The two black objects are a stove and hot water copper.  The small archway on the right leads to the Dungeon.

A clearer shot of the wood stove. The hot water copper and a bread oven.

Behind the white cupboard is the Royal Chambers.

Another wood fired stove/oven.

This whole Courtyard  is not only an entertainment area but ideal for cooking and dining as well.

The windows are for the Maids Quarters.

The entrance to the Maids Quarters and Cutting Room.

The fridge on the left comes in very handy.

Just to the left is the covered passageway or second carport. See below.

This covered area also serves as a carport. This area is 10 metres by 3.5 metres.

The white building at the end is the Sleepout. The Knights Quarters is on the right.