The Grand Hall

Yes, the room title is rather pompous, but this is a Castle after all!

This large and spacious room is the hub of the Ridge Castle.

Consists of two main areas. The kitchen and lounge/dining area.

Kitchen 4.8 metres x 3.8 metres.

Lounge area 6.5m x 4.9m.

Shown is a full leather Chiswell lounge suite. Fit for Royalty!

This room was tastefully renovated in early 2020. A low ceiling was removed and additional windows added.

A large pantry, storeroom and counter bench provides plenty of storage.

Pitched ceilings with exposed beams. Ceramic tile and floating timber floors.

The kitchen is the hub of the castle. Note the exposed ironstone walls with insets of coloured bottles.

Also included:

  • A Metters wood fired stove
  •  Beko fridge/freezer. 510 litres
  • Microwave oven
  • Chef gas stove and oven
  • Hot and cold running water

Plenty of storage. Behind the brown louvred doors is a large pantry.

Under the bench top is cupboard space.

There is also a storage room at the other end of the Grand Hall.

The door to the left of the brown doors is the entrance to the Castle Courtyard.


    The dining area is big enough for a solid timber table and chairs. All included!

    In the background, a large wall unit. To the right is the doorway to the main bedroom or as we prefer it to be known, the “Royal Chambers”. 

    The white door opens to a large storage area.


      The large flat screen television is currently inside the huge stone fireplace.

      The fireplace still works but if you look above the television, you will see a split system air conditioning unit to provide cooling and heating.

       The brown door to the left of the fireplace leads to the turret stairs.


        Looking from the kitchen area to the stone fireplace.

        Quite a large room overall. Just over 50 square metres.


          And a view from the fireplace back towards the kitchen. 

          Even though it is one big room, there are three distinct areas.


            A large window opens out on to “Clarries Courtyard”.

            The fridge/freezer is 510 litres. Beko brand.

            Note the air-conditioner unit on the right. This is in addition to the split system air-condtioner at the other end of the Grand Hall. Cool huh?