Power Plant

Diesel and Solar. Plenty of Power!

The Power Plant shed is located at the end of the Knights Quarters and identified in this photo.

The Ridge Castle has a combination of a Diesel Generator and Solar System.

The Generator can be turned on and off from within the Castle or Knights Quarters.

Ridge Castle Power Plant

The generator is a large Lister Diesel putting out a massive 15kva of power.

We generally don’t use this unless we are using mining gear, running the air-conditioner or other high electricity users.

Ridge Castle Generator

The solar system collects 1200Ah of power.

This is plenty to run a couple of fridges, television, lights etc. 

Ridge Castle Solar

The solar panels are only half the story, Batteries are required to store the free power the sun has provided.

As with any battery, they can go flat depending upon how much power is used. This is when the Generator can be turned on to not only provide a power boost but also to charge up the batteries.

Ridge Castle Batteries

This all looks rather complicated. Essentially this equipment is the third part of the Solar Power Management System.

Without getting technical, these boxes mean you can watch the telly!

Ridge Castle Power box


The hot water of the Artesian Bore Baths, just 1.3km away is a pure delight.

However if you want a hot bath or shower in the Castle, there are two instant LPG gas hot water systems.

Installed by a local professional plumber.

Ridge Castle Hot Water System