Opal Mine

Your very own Opal Mine right at your backdoor. Strike it rich!

There is a fully functional opal mine right on the land the Castle sits upon.

Mineral Claim #13804. Location 20-12.

Two 3 foot holes.

Ridge Castle Opal Mine

All gear included:

  • Short throw hoist.
  • Escape ladders.
  • Pelican pick.
  • Wheel barrow.
  • Jackhammer.

The mine is virtually untouched. Only around a total of 30 feet of drives.

The opal in this area is of the Nobby type rather than seam opal.

Ridge Castle Opal Mine

Before you do any mining, you will need to do a couple of courses which are conducted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. (Mine Operators Course and Mine Safety Awareness Course)

Current annual fees for the mining claim are $245.

Lets hope Sir Roy takes off his sunglasses down the mine….

Ridge Castle Opal Mine