The Pool

Excellent to cool down in summer

Very few camps in Lightning Ridge have an in ground pool! Council approved with safety fence.

For those staying in the Ridge over summer, you now have the opportunity to cool off at your leisure.

Ridge Castle Pool

Though it is a pool, it has currently been converted to a fish pond! 

To change it back to a pool, it is just a matter of removing the fish, giving it a clean and adding a water filter and pump.

Ridge Castle Fish Pond

This small courtyard is in between Clarries and Palace Courtyards.

The white building in the photo is Teds Shed. The pool is at the other end.

This courtyard is 6.5 metres by 4.5 metres.

A small rock garden with a few quirky objects add interest.

Pool courtyard

Another shot of the rock garden in the Pool Courtyard.

The small pathway leads to an outdoor toilet.

The pool is just to the right of the photo.

Ridge outdoor toilet

The outdoor toilet is ideal for use by pool users or any of the Courtyard guests.

It is a long drop toilet with excellent views!

Outdoor toilet