Teds Shed

Ted used to store his tools, paints and screws here. And his Still. Yes. His Still.

But it can be so much more!

This large shed at the end of Clarries Courtyard was used by Ted as his shed.

One afternoon after tending to his Still, Ted had a fall when exiting the Shed. A broken leg was the result – along with a sad face on Ted and the Shed door!

Ted and his Shed

Teds Shed is currently being used as a tool and storage shed.

However it could easily be converted into a bunkhouse, bedroom, office, art studio, showroom or more.

Plenty of room: 6.2 metres by 3.1 metres.

Teds Shed

Solid steel construction. Located at one end of Clarries Courtyard.

One window overlooking a great view. The other opens up to Clarries Courtyard.

Teds Shed

Many camps in the Ridge wouldn’t be as big or comfortable as this shed. Why not make it into a smaller self contained cabin – possibly yet another income!

Teds Shed