The Turret

Every Castle needs a Turret. This one has great views.

Not the Kingdoms most attractive turret, but a turret all the same.

Accessible from the the Grand Hall via a curved staircase.

The bottle wall on the right of the picture is the The Royal Chambers.

The Strongroom behind the red steel door.

Ridge Castle Turret

The Turret is very solid and constructed of local ironstone. 

The well in this photo is ornamental. We just had a lot of empty beer bottles we needed to dispose of….

Ridge Castle Turret

The Turret is a fantastic place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

On this occasion, it was for sunset drinks.

Ridge Castle Turret

Sir Roy warming up in front of an imaginary fire.

Of course, you can always take a small barbecue to the Turret.

As you can see, the view of the surrounding plain is one of the best viewpoints in the Ridge.

Ridge Castle Turret