The Royal Chambers

Or more simply, the Master Bedroom

This bedroom features a Queen Size timber bed (apologies to the King) with quality mattress.

One doorway (shown) leads to the front of the castle. Another door leads to the Royal Chambers.

3.0 metres by 5.8 metres.

This room was fully renovated in 2020. A new ceiling. Fully painted.

The windows on the left of the picture overlook the Castle Courtyard.

The door to the right of the bed leads to the Maids Chambers and Cutting Room.

The brown door just to the right again, is a large storage cupboard.

A main feature of this room is the “bottle wall” which allows plenty of subdued lighting to the room.

The stonework is comprised of ironstone. The primary material from which the Castle is built.

A beautiful Oak dressing table gives this room a touch of class.

The bottles were installed when the Castle was originally constructed. Building supplies were limited back then!

In 2020, new corrugated iron was used for the insulated ceilings but the wall was lined with weathered iron to give it a more rustic feel.

The pick and spade are kind of like a “Coat of Arms” for the Ridge Castle.