Clarries Courtyard

Another great entertaining area or simply relax

No true Castle has just one courtyard, This one is named after our neighbour, Clarrie, a long term Ridge resident and local legend.

The Courtyard is mostly paved and fully fenced. Excellent views and another great place to chill out. 13 metres by 10.5 metres.

Shade is very important in the Ridge. The all steel shade shelter here is a generous 11 metres by 3.7 metres.

Plenty of room for the biggest banquets.

The white building at the end is Teds Shed.

Apart from the shade shelter, there is also a full length awning fronting the Castle as well. The interior room on the right is the Grand Hall.

Clarries Courtyard runs the full length of the Castle. You can access the Courtyard directly from the Grand Hall via those double white doors.

The Bougainvilleas are a hardy and attractive plant and are seen throughout Lightning Ridge.

Looking at Clarries Courtyard from the Grand Hall inside the Castle.

Sir Roy enjoying the shade. On his lap is his faithful servant, Buddy. We told Roy it is a Corgi.

Note the original stonework of the Ridge Castle. Large Ironstone boulders secured with cement make this a real fortress.