Income Possibilities


 The Ridge Castle could be utilised in a few ways. Either as unique residence. As a mining operation. Or various tourism possibilities. What the heck – you could combine all three if you wanted to!

Obviously these three options are not limited. Neither is your imagination.

Though Lightning Ridge currently has approximately 80,000 visitors per year, this is expected to climb to 130,000 once the Australian Opal Centre opens. Will you be on the ground floor to take advantage of this opportunity?

The three options below do not guarantee any sort of income. They are just to indicate possible scenarios.


Ridge Castle Airbnb


The Short Term Rental Market such as Airbnb is an obvious source.


Ridge Castle Tours

Royal Tours

The Ridge Castle is right on the Red Car Door Tour. Plenty of potential customers driving by each day.


Gone mining


No promises at all when it comes to Opal Mining in Lightning Ridge. There is. full functional unexplored mine right on your doorstep though.